Archway, Blackheath, Highgate
Lee, Upper Clapton, London

A Music Group for Babies and Toddlers

Come and enjoy a relaxed, guided musical session
For children (0 4 years old), and their parents/carers;
With small percussion instruments to experience and enjoy.

Lots of singing, stomping, clapping, wriggling
and just having a good time.



Please check dates for your chosen group as all groups run to different dates
& some groups will take the half-terms, teacher training days and Summer festivals.

Spring Term Dates 2019

  • Charlton 6 Feb - 27 March
  • Blackheath 10 January - 4 April (no group half term 21 Feb)
  • Lee 11th January - 5th April (no group half term 22 Feb)

Summer Term Dates 2019

  • Charlton relaunches Wed 12th June 1:50 - 2:50p ($5 per child, 3.50 concessions)
  • Blackheath 25 April - 18 July (no group 30 May half term break)
  • Lee 26 April - 19 July (no group 31 May half term break)

Locations in and around London are:

For daily information, contact Cathy on 07951 44 55 70

NEW Music DVDs/Tapes

Two visual DVD/Tapes of our most popular action and accompaniment songs. Details here

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Rucksack Music Leaflet (2013)
For our leaflet in PDF format Click here

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